I’ve added an animation to the header image. Notice anything?

I’ll update in a week or so with the solution, and how I made it.


This ended up not being needed after all, but was a bit of fun nonetheless. The lights blink out some Morse code:

.... .. .-. . -- .

which spells out ‘hire me’. Two days after posting it, I get a call about a job. I am pretty certain that they didn’t read my blog though, so I’ll chalk it up to coincidence.

The green light image was stolen from a Google image search, then a copy was edited for hue in Gimp to produce the orange light. I copied a series of layers in the order that the Morse code is in (orange for 1, green for 0) with appropriate duplication for extended dashes or gaps, then included a layer with the original header bar and saved it as a gif animation. Cake walk.

Update [August 2013]: Since I’m now employed, I’ve removed the animation from the header. I’ll put a copy here for posterity though.


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