Adelaide Traffic – Part I

Have you seen the little shark-fins on top of some traffic light control boxes? Have you seen the new ‘x minutes to y road‘ signs? Did you know they’re connected?

DPTI installed a heap of bluetooth sensors around Adelaide and they capture mobile phone signals when you’re stopped at traffic lights; correlate them in real-time; and figure out actual travel times between various points. I requested some of the data and DPTI kindly shared a 6-hour database dump under CC-BY… only a million or so unique captures. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I can do with that but I have some neat ideas. For now I’ve built a nice interactive map using R (shiny+leaflet) to display the bluetooth sensor locations. There’s several hundred of them around town, so the coverage isn’t half bad.

Check it out (interactive site after the jump):

Screenshot - 280116 - 22:42:42

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