Thou shalt not compare numeric values (except when it works)

This was just going to be a few Tweets but it ended up being a bit of a rollercoaster of learning for me, and I haven’t blogged in far too long, so I’m writing it up quickly as a ‘hey…Continue Reading →

Data Munging With R Preview — Storing Values (Assigning)

Since about October last year, I’ve been writing an introduction to R book. It’s been quite the experience. I’ve finally started making time to document some of the interesting things I’ve learned (about R, about writing, about how to bring…Continue Reading →

2016 Australian Federal Election Flexdashboard


Here in the land down under we’ve finally completed our Federal election. We complain that it seems to go on for too long, but it’s a brief distraction compared to the USA electoral process. I managed to do a small…Continue Reading →

Images as x-axis labels (updated)

They say “if you want to find an answer on the internet, just present a wrong one as fact. Then wait.“

Images as x-axis labels

GDP per capita with flags for x-axis labels. This is harder to make than it seemed.

Open-source software is awesome. If I found that a piece of closed-source software was missing a feature that I wanted, well, bad luck. I probably couldn’t even tell if was actually missing or if I just didn’t know about it….Continue Reading →

From a (set.)seed grows a mighty dataset

CC-BY USDA [https://www.flickr.com/photos/usdagov/16024807396/]

Can you predict the output from this code? Okay, the first bit is straightforward; it’s a function that puts two string together into one. The next two lines appear to provide a random integer to the set.seed function then sample…Continue Reading →

Bad Neighbours (no, not the movie)

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Another day, another compulsion to see if I can do any better than someone’s solution.

Solving Inequality (the math kind)

This neat approach showed up recently as an answer to a FiveThirtyEight puzzle and of course I couldn’t help but throw it at dplyr as soon as I could. Turns out that’s not a terrible idea. The question posed is…Continue Reading →

#auunconf slack users’ timezone locations


I had never used slack before, but had read a heap of tech articles extolling its virtues. Apparently this is what our current Prime Minister advocates within Cabinet. The upcoming #auunconf organising team set up a channel and invited the…Continue Reading →