This journey started almost exactly a year ago, but it’s finally been sufficiently worked through and merged! Yay, I’ve officially contributed to the tidyverse (minor as it may be).

Adding strings in R

This started out as a “hey, I wonder…” sort of thing, but as usual, they tend to end up as interesting voyages into the deepest depths of code, so I thought I’d write it up and share. Shoutout to @coolbutuseless…Continue Reading →

Constricted development with reticulate

I’ve been using the reticulate package occasionally for a while now, so I was surprised to see that it had only just been officially released. reticulate: R interface to Python Comprehensive set of interoperability tools including R Markdown Python…Continue Reading →

Thou shalt not compare numeric values (except when it works)

This was just going to be a few Tweets but it ended up being a bit of a rollercoaster of learning for me, and I haven’t blogged in far too long, so I’m writing it up quickly as a ‘hey…Continue Reading →

Data Munging With R Preview — Storing Values (Assigning)

Since about October last year, I’ve been writing an introduction to R book. It’s been quite the experience. I’ve finally started making time to document some of the interesting things I’ve learned (about R, about writing, about how to bring…Continue Reading →

2016 Australian Federal Election Flexdashboard

Here in the land down under we’ve finally completed our Federal election. We complain that it seems to go on for too long, but it’s a brief distraction compared to the USA electoral process. I managed to do a small…Continue Reading →

Images as x-axis labels

GDP per capita with flags for x-axis labels. This is harder to make than it seemed.

Open-source software is awesome. If I found that a piece of closed-source software was missing a feature that I wanted, well, bad luck. I probably couldn’t even tell if was actually missing or if I just didn’t know about it….Continue Reading →