Bring on the ROpenSci #auunconf 2016!

I’ll be heading to the 2016 ROpenSci un-conference (hackathon) in Brisbane later this month to smash out a heap of open-science R code. Ideas are already flowing quite nicely, and I’m confident that any ideas we don’t end up officially…Continue Reading →

Is it crowded in here?

This was a neat graphic that someone made. It shows the population at a given latitude or longitude as a bar chart, overlayed on a map of the world itself. It shows where people live; the bigger the bar, the…Continue Reading →

Adelaide Traffic – Part I

Have you seen the little shark-fins on top of some traffic light control boxes? Have you seen the new ‘x minutes to y road‘ signs? Did you know they’re connected?

AWS Migration

Given how terrible my internet connection has been of late, I decided to migrate my site over to Amazon Web Services (AWS) where it’s now hosted for free with a reliable connection.


The powerball lottery in the USA has jackpotted to a first prize of $1.3 billion, which is just a silly amount of money.

SimplyStats Thanksgiving Puzzle

I owe a lot to Jeff Leek and Roger Peng for their great Coursera courses, in which I learned to program in R. They (along with Rafa Irizarry) run the Simply Statistics blog, which I highly reccomend. They posted a…Continue Reading →

New logo

Irregularly Scheduled Programming. Now with the namesake URL too! — it’s coding time.

adrianblp/taylor.swift · GitHub

Programmers are a funny bunch of people. Searching for ‘Swift’ inevitably leads to results for a certain pop singer. Someone’s decided that there needs to be at least one result going the other way. taylor.swift – Taylor series expansion in Swift…Continue Reading →

What are the odds?

So close

[ Trigger warning: this post contains maths. Please don’t be afraid, it probably won’t bite. ] After posting this photo of our lottery ticket to FacebookI thought more and more about random-event probabilities.